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TinyMCE – Online Html Editor

TinyMCE is a lightweight platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control

It has the ability to convert HTML TEXTAREA fields or other HTML elements to editor instances. TinyMCE is very easy to integrate into other Content Management Systems.



  • Easy to integrate
  • Customizable
  • AJAX Compatible
  • Multilanguage

License: LGPL
Compatibility: All major browsers

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SMT – Simple mouse tracking

(smt) is a simple mouse tracking system for web pages. This is an open source client-server architecture tool for webmasters, developers and even designers. You can watch how people interact with your web interface: where they click, what they highlight, how many time they rest reading some text and many other user trends. It helps web site administrators run usability tests and analyze the collected data.

Some studies suggest that there is a strong correlation between eye and mouse movements while surfing the web. Eye tracking measures visual attention as people navigate through websites, but this is a very expense usability evaluation system.



  • Record mouse activity on HTML pages
  • Replay mouse activity in real time
  • Cross-browser solution
  • Not interfere with other scripts
  • Start monitoring when the DOM page is loaded
  • Work with both static and liquid layouts
  • Graceful Degradation
  • Walk-Up-And-Use Design
  • Customizable by end users
  • Check the use of scrolling bars and/or mouse wheel
  • Check if something has been highlighted, such as a text paragraph
  • Generate logs in XML format for later postprocessing
  • Instant logs
  • Generate statistics
  • Infere users’ behaviour


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Job Designer – Resource scheduling software

Let Job Designer find available time for a job and track client preferences for you. Link tasks, employees, equipment and other items from the pre-configured database files.Automatically upload schedules. Automatically check for conflicts on all linked items. Get an instant job costing when the job is created. Print invoices per job, client or project, and much more….


  • Network enabled room scheduling equipment scheduling and employee scheduling
  • Automatically upload all scheduler entries
  • Email notification of schedules and schedule changes
  • Automatic room, equipment and employee conflict checking
  • Projects (grouping of scheduler entries)
  • Client preferences
  • Import/Export features
  • Recurring jobs
  • Instant job costing
  • Highly configurable invoicing
  • User-definable reports and detailed financial reports
  • Automatic stock counting



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CollabTRAK – Project tracker for web designers

CollabTRAK, a free, flexible, easy to use web-based project tracker for web designers and their clients.

Is designed with web designers in mind. Manage, collaborate, and track design projects with ease. Enjoy the ability to create unlimited users and manage unlimited projects. The easy to use interface will make interacting with your clients and colleagues seamless.

Free version features:

  • Create unlimited users and unlimited projects.
  • Receive project files from users.
  • Your clients can send you payments securely.
  • Share project information via project notes.
  • One on one chat sessions in real-time.
  • Embed images, flash, video, audio using HTML.
  • Easy access to help files for all users.
  • Manage projects directly from a link at your website.


License: —

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Flabell – Photography Portfolio Template

This template is perfect for showcasing your portfolio with style. It has a minimalist design with powerful features, such as the integration with SWFAddress, useful for activating the browser’s back button.

You can define as many galleries as fit the menu, and each gallery can have an unlimited number of images.

On the homepage you can link some of the galleries directly to that section. We use 6 only, for people with resolution smaller than 1024×768. You can use even less thumbs than galleries, but link only some of them which you like more.

If you click on the photographer name or tag line, it takes you directly to the Contact page. Both are customizable from XML, as well as the content on the Contact page.

The images scroll left and right, making sure the border is where the first or the last image centers the screen. You can add any size for the image as long as these fit the height of 420px. (optimized for 1024 x 768). They automatically position based on the width.

You can also define the stroke value in the XML file, and for each image in the large view, you can define the background color (as it is defined for example in the Brands gallery).

You can set the default section that will be used for when the website opens, or with the help of the swfAddress you can share a direct link to any of the sections.



  • SWFAddress (back button navigation and direct link to a section).
  • Customizable from XML.
  • Supports unlimited images.
  • Supports different background colors for each image.


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