Mysql Ajax Table Editor – An open source web application

Mysql Ajax Table Editor is a very versatile and customizable mysql editor. It is PHP4 and PHP5 compatible and it has incredible join capabilities. This mysql editor has the ability to join on multiple tables and maintain search functionality and best of all it is written with ajax. This makes the script very dynamic and it can be customized to fit almost every application. Things like dynamic forms and user defined actions make it very powerful.

If you are web master or aspiring to be be a web master this script will save you hundreds of hours. Mysql Ajax Table Editor is very easy to set up and use. It comes with all of the files needed to quickly set up.


Requirements: PHP 4 or higher; MySQL
License: GNU LGPL


  • Add, edit, copy, delete, view and export table records.
  • Set permissions for each column or for whole table by using a letter scheme
    (i.e. A – Add, E – Edit, V – View etc).
  • Join on multiple tables and maintain search functionality.
  • Concat columns from a joined table and display them as one (other mysql functions can be used besides CONCAT).
  • Apply mysql functions on joined or regular columns (such as the DATE_FORMAT function), and maintain search functionality.
  • Apply mysql functions (such as the PASSWORD function) to user values on edit and add screens.
  • Order by any column.
  • Language support (see documentation for supported languages).
  • Allow users to hide or display columns (see example 1).
  • Allow users to order the columns (i.e. put the name column on the left or right side of the table, see example 1).
  • Quick search with highlighting.
  • Advanced search with the following options:
    Contains, Does Not Contain, Matches Exactly, Does Not Match Exactly, Greater Than, Less Than, Greater Than Or Equal To and Less Than Or Equal To.
  • Toggle between quick and advanced searches.
  • Display add, edit, copy and view actions with icons or buttons.
  • Add your own user defined icons.
  • Add your own user defined buttons.
  • Add your own user defined actions that will be called when a user defined icon or button is clicked.
  • Display table with checkboxes to apply an action to multiple rows.
  • Set row color for even and odd rows.
  • Works with both PHP4 and PHP5.
  • Customize table look and feel by editing the css file.
  • Integrates with javascript calendar for easy date choosing.
  • Default values for columns can be set.
  • Fields can easily be hidden on add or edit screens.
  • Easily create a drop down list from an array or a query.
  • Callback functions can be called for manipulating data as it is displayed.
  • Callback functions can be called after add, edit, copy and delete.
  • Callback functions can be called for custom input formatting.
  • Callback functions can be called to modify html on add, edit, view and table screens.
  • Set html attributes hash for edit and add inputs.
  • Supports paging.
  • Number of results per page can be set by you or the user.
  • Add data filters to each column to limit what rows are displayed.
  • Custom validation callback functions can be added.
  • Easily make fields required.
  • Copy or delete multiple rows at once.
  • History buttons for back and forward navigation.
  • Customize titles for each screen.
  • Works even when column names have spaces in them.
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Mysql Ajax Table Editor – An open source web application

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2 Responses to “Mysql Ajax Table Editor – An open source web application”

  1. Rathin says:

    Very Good Demo……


  2. Jeremy says:

    Incredible. You are a genius. Thanks.

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