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Welcome to my blog!!!

Welcome all,

My name is Vitor Neves and at the moment i’m a freelancer working at web & graphic design.

I don’t have university certification, but i was drawn to computers since the time of the old ZX Spectrum. Computers were always my passion, so it’s normal that i ended up working with them. I started working when i was 16, with Corel, doing some promotional stuff for printing, and specially for vinil cut (cars decoration, banners, light signs, etc)

In time i started trying new software such as Pagemaker and doing some Magazines.

After that i worked in a few companies, doing digital printing, vinil cut, brochures, light signs, etc; and i ended up in a import-export company where i had to start working with web design… kind of, since i didn’t do the “web design” itself, and only updated the company website catalogue, with Microsoft Frontpage.

But it was the start of my adventure on web design. I began searching for software and trying the see where i could learn more.

After doing a few couple of  websites,  mostly after work at home, and since i was out of  work after 5 years in the import-export company, i had to upgrade myself, so i went learning PHP and MySQL, to give a jump for the future, making sure i could stand up on my own.

And it happened.  Now i’m a freelancer doing work for printing and web.

I’m not a pure developer or programmer but i know enough to make sure the job is well done.

At the moment i work with Dreamweaver, SwishMax, Photoshop, ImageReady, Corel Suite, Illustrator, Freehand, Pagemaker, Indesign and QuarkXpress.

And all this writing was to introduce myself and to explain the meaning of this Blog. I spend a lot of time googling for tricks, scripts and all kinds of stuff that can help me on my work, and  i will share them with you.

I hope they can help you the way they help me.


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