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LetterGenie – Create letters for your Highrise contacts

LetterGenie is a web-based program for creating customized letters using your existing contact database. With its release, LetterGenie works seamlessly with Highrise, an elegant online contact manager created by 37signals.


  • Syncs with Highrise: No need to retype names, addresses or phone numbers; your contacts are automatically available to use.
  • Save Time and Money: Why pay an assistant to draft up letters and risk mistakes when you can get it right every time?
  • You Design Your Letters: Insert your signature, add your letterhead and personalize the content with contact names and addresses.
  • Lightning Fast: Create one custom letter or hundreds with the touch of a button, all in PDF format, ready to email or print.

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Jing – A easy way to captue images and video

Jing Project, it’s a free software that provides you a practical and fast way to create your own webcast. With this tool you can capture images from your screen or just a particular region, and also record it on video to illustrate a tutorial, for example. The service also allows you to share with others their videos on the site

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Job Designer – Resource scheduling software

Let Job Designer find available time for a job and track client preferences for you. Link tasks, employees, equipment and other items from the pre-configured database files.Automatically upload schedules. Automatically check for conflicts on all linked items. Get an instant job costing when the job is created. Print invoices per job, client or project, and much more….


  • Network enabled room scheduling equipment scheduling and employee scheduling
  • Automatically upload all scheduler entries
  • Email notification of schedules and schedule changes
  • Automatic room, equipment and employee conflict checking
  • Projects (grouping of scheduler entries)
  • Client preferences
  • Import/Export features
  • Recurring jobs
  • Instant job costing
  • Highly configurable invoicing
  • User-definable reports and detailed financial reports
  • Automatic stock counting



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