Flabell XML Banner Rotator

XML Banner Rotator it’s another great tool offered by Flabell.

This is a highly customizable XML Banner Rotator with more than 35 XML options, including the masking size and speed.

You can control the position of the elements on the screen, the number of images, as well as the colors – all from XML.

As always, you can use this Flabell Flash Component in any size you need, as well as in other HTML or FLA files.


General Details

  • Opens with: Flash CS3+
  • Resolution: Resizable
  • Published size: 82kb
  • ActionScript version: AS3

Website: http://www.flabell.com/flash/XML-Banner-Rotator-233
Demo: http://www.flabell.com/flash/XML-Banner-Rotator-233

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CVI Projects – Canvas | Vml | Image effects

At CVI Projects you will found several images effects that you can use in your website images withou having to use an image editor and  the best of is that you can change it when ever you want without having to make it on the original images one by one.


Website: http://www.netzgesta.de/cvi/
Demos: http://www.netzgesta.de/cvi/
License: GPL, LGPL and AGPL

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Phormer – PHP based PhotoGallery Manager

Phormer is a PHP-Based PhotoGallery Manager application, that helps you to store, categorize and trim your photos on the web with various helpful features!

This photo gallery application uses XML for all the data including photos, comments and settings and does not require MySQL.



  • Easy Web-based Install/Uninstall
  • Categorize by Date, Categorize by Subject, Categorize by Everything
  • Make Anything Private
  • Fast and Valid Pages
  • Link and Extra HTML Manager
  • Two File gathering mods
  • Ajax Upload Manager
  • Square thumbs
  • Editable add-shot
  • Various Themes
  • RSS Feed
  • Various Styles
  • Advanced Commenting
  • Rating system
  • Hit Counter
  • Link and Extra HTML Manager
  • EXIF Metadata reader
  • Statistics
  • Mass upload from a ZIP file
  • Slideshow

Requirements: PHP
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Website: http://p.horm.org/er/
Demo: http://p.horm.org/
Download: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=169218

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Trellis Desk – A help desk solution

Trellis Desk is a powerful and robust help desk solution for your business. Improve your company’s service by allowing your customers to quickly and easily submit support tickets to your team. Trellis Desk sports a range of advanced features that enable your business to handle customer support more efficiently. Plus, it’s completely free – you’ll never have to pay any license fees to use Trellis Desk.



  • Ticket departments
  • Ticket priority levels
  • Canned ticket replies
  • Group permissions
  • Ticket escalation
  • Ticket assignment
  • Multi-moderation features
  • Rich text editor
  • Helpdesk RSS feeds
  • Ticket attachments
  • Skin manager
  • Language manager
  • Manage articles and categories
  • Smart display of KB articles during ticket submission
  • Article ratings and comments
  • Pipe support emails into your helpdesk
  • Email notifications

Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or +, MySQL 4.1 or +, Webhost + email forwarding support and GD2 + FreeType support
Website: http://www.accord5.com/trellis
Demo: http://www.accord5.com/trellis/demo
Download: http://www.accord5.com/trellis/download

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Slideflow – AJAX Image Gallery

Slideflow is a slideshow-like ajax image gallery.

You can drag the Slideflow using your mouse, or click anywhere in the stack to jump there.


Website: http://mediaeventservices.com/blog/2007/11/15/ajax-image-gallery-powered-by-slideflow-like-cover-flow/
Demo: http://mediaeventservices.com/demo/gallery/gallery.html
Download: http://mediaeventservices.com/blog/2007/11/15/ajax-image-gallery-powered-by-slideflow-like-cover-flow/
License: Creative Commons (CC-by 3.0)

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