Flabell Flash XML Image Gallery

This is an interactive Flash XML Image Gallery, containing a list of images defined in a XML file, an intuitive navigation and many customizable features. You can browse the gallery by clicking on the left or right hand side of the swf file, or by selecting an element from the navigation bar.

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W3C (X)HTML and CSS Validator Tool

If you care with your html, xhtml and css code and you like to know if there are errors you must know this validations tools.

CSS Validator:


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Welcome to my blog!!!

Welcome all,

My name is Vitor Neves and at the moment i’m a freelancer working at web & graphic design.

I don’t have university certification, but i was drawn to computers since the time of the old ZX Spectrum. Computers were always my passion, so it’s normal that i ended up working with them. I started working when i was 16, with Corel, doing some promotional stuff for printing, and specially for vinil cut (cars decoration, banners, light signs, etc)

In time i started trying new software such as Pagemaker and doing some Magazines.

After that i worked in a few companies, doing digital printing, vinil cut, brochures, light signs, etc; and i ended up in a import-export company where i had to start working with web design… kind of, since i didn’t do the “web design” itself, and only updated the company website catalogue, with Microsoft Frontpage.

But it was the start of my adventure on web design. I began searching for software and trying the see where i could learn more.

After doing a few couple of  websites,  mostly after work at home, and since i was out of  work after 5 years in the import-export company, i had to upgrade myself, so i went learning PHP and MySQL, to give a jump for the future, making sure i could stand up on my own.

And it happened.  Now i’m a freelancer doing work for printing and web.

I’m not a pure developer or programmer but i know enough to make sure the job is well done.

At the moment i work with Dreamweaver, SwishMax, Photoshop, ImageReady, Corel Suite, Illustrator, Freehand, Pagemaker, Indesign and QuarkXpress.

And all this writing was to introduce myself and to explain the meaning of this Blog. I spend a lot of time googling for tricks, scripts and all kinds of stuff that can help me on my work, and  i will share them with you.

I hope they can help you the way they help me.


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