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Flabell – Photography Portfolio Template

This template is perfect for showcasing your portfolio with style. It has a minimalist design with powerful features, such as the integration with SWFAddress, useful for activating the browser’s back button.

You can define as many galleries as fit the menu, and each gallery can have an unlimited number of images.

On the homepage you can link some of the galleries directly to that section. We use 6 only, for people with resolution smaller than 1024×768. You can use even less thumbs than galleries, but link only some of them which you like more.

If you click on the photographer name or tag line, it takes you directly to the Contact page. Both are customizable from XML, as well as the content on the Contact page.

The images scroll left and right, making sure the border is where the first or the last image centers the screen. You can add any size for the image as long as these fit the height of 420px. (optimized for 1024 x 768). They automatically position based on the width.

You can also define the stroke value in the XML file, and for each image in the large view, you can define the background color (as it is defined for example in the Brands gallery).

You can set the default section that will be used for when the website opens, or with the help of the swfAddress you can share a direct link to any of the sections.



  • SWFAddress (back button navigation and direct link to a section).
  • Customizable from XML.
  • Supports unlimited images.
  • Supports different background colors for each image.


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