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Siwapp Invoice System

Siwapp is not meant to solve all & every need of your business, neither it intends to end up as a full business manager application.

Their goal is to get just one thing right: Invoices. A basic need for every business.

This web application will also be able to work as a module -interconnected through its API to many other business management applications- which takes care -the easy way- only of the billing of the company.


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BambooInvoice is free Open Source invoicing software intended for small businesses and independent contractors. Their number one priorities are ease of use, user-interface, and beautiful code.

BambooInvoice was built by designer and programmer Derek Allard, who uses it everyday, not by a large firm who can’t remember the names of its customers. View source shows semantic, structured, meaningful XHTML. We use AJAX to keep things peppy and javascript to keep things functional. The entire application degrades gracefully for users without javascript enabled, and complies with WAI priority two.


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Billing Boss

Billing Boss is a simple online invoicing tool that allows you to send invoices quickly to your customers and get paid online.

This tool is great for small businesses who want to get invoices out to customers faster so they can get paid faster. Basically, any business can use Billing Boss.


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The InvoiceXpress is a Portuguese billing system fully online. This is an innovative system for the individual PME’s and requires no installation of any software or purchase of any server. It is a web application and therefore need only an Internet connection and a browser to start charging.

The InvoiceXpress distinguishes itself as a tool whose licensing is based on the model of “Software as a Service”. This means that only has to pay a monthly fee to use the service, always works on the latest software version and does not need to pay more for upgrades or assistance.

Beyond these advantages, the Invoice Xpress was fully developed considering the simplicity of use, as you will notice a big difference when you start to charge!

The InvoiceXpress was designed for all PME’s in services. This includes all the business of consulting, architecture, law, etc.. The solution was designed for those who do not want the bill to be an obstacle but a brave help!


Requirements: -
License: Free for 1 user and 3 invoices/month

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