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Flabell Magnifying Glass Effect

Display your gorgeous images in high resolution with no constraints using Flabell Magnifying Glass Effect. Your users will be able to magnify over the areas they are most interested in. You can define the image path (image of any size), the display area size as well as the lens size in XML or HTML.

The image is automatically resized to fit the entire display area, and this is the minimum zoom of the image. The large image is the maximum zoom of the image. Through the lenses the user can see the image at the highest resolution, without the need to wait for a different image to load.

This effect is called the magnifying glass effect, and we hope you enjoy it and will use it in creative ways!

1. Scalable lenses.
2. Scalable display area.
3. Scalable image.


Opens with
: Flash CS3+
Resolution: Resizable
Published size: 20kb
ActionScript version: AS3

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