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SMT – Simple mouse tracking

(smt) is a simple mouse tracking system for web pages. This is an open source client-server architecture tool for webmasters, developers and even designers. You can watch how people interact with your web interface: where they click, what they highlight, how many time they rest reading some text and many other user trends. It helps web site administrators run usability tests and analyze the collected data.

Some studies suggest that there is a strong correlation between eye and mouse movements while surfing the web. Eye tracking measures visual attention as people navigate through websites, but this is a very expense usability evaluation system.



  • Record mouse activity on HTML pages
  • Replay mouse activity in real time
  • Cross-browser solution
  • Not interfere with other scripts
  • Start monitoring when the DOM page is loaded
  • Work with both static and liquid layouts
  • Graceful Degradation
  • Walk-Up-And-Use Design
  • Customizable by end users
  • Check the use of scrolling bars and/or mouse wheel
  • Check if something has been highlighted, such as a text paragraph
  • Generate logs in XML format for later postprocessing
  • Instant logs
  • Generate statistics
  • Infere users’ behaviour


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