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Phormer – PHP based PhotoGallery Manager

Phormer is a PHP-Based PhotoGallery Manager application, that helps you to store, categorize and trim your photos on the web with various helpful features!

This photo gallery application uses XML for all the data including photos, comments and settings and does not require MySQL.



  • Easy Web-based Install/Uninstall
  • Categorize by Date, Categorize by Subject, Categorize by Everything
  • Make Anything Private
  • Fast and Valid Pages
  • Link and Extra HTML Manager
  • Two File gathering mods
  • Ajax Upload Manager
  • Square thumbs
  • Editable add-shot
  • Various Themes
  • RSS Feed
  • Various Styles
  • Advanced Commenting
  • Rating system
  • Hit Counter
  • Link and Extra HTML Manager
  • EXIF Metadata reader
  • Statistics
  • Mass upload from a ZIP file
  • Slideshow

Requirements: PHP
Compatibility: All Major Browsers

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Flabell Magnifying Glass Effect

Display your gorgeous images in high resolution with no constraints using Flabell Magnifying Glass Effect. Your users will be able to magnify over the areas they are most interested in. You can define the image path (image of any size), the display area size as well as the lens size in XML or HTML.

The image is automatically resized to fit the entire display area, and this is the minimum zoom of the image. The large image is the maximum zoom of the image. Through the lenses the user can see the image at the highest resolution, without the need to wait for a different image to load.

This effect is called the magnifying glass effect, and we hope you enjoy it and will use it in creative ways!

1. Scalable lenses.
2. Scalable display area.
3. Scalable image.


Opens with
: Flash CS3+
Resolution: Resizable
Published size: 20kb
ActionScript version: AS3

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slideViewerPro is a fully customizable jQuery image gallery engine wich allows to create outstanding sliding image galleries for your projects and/or interactive galleries within blog posts.

slideViewerPro is the direct descendant of the popular jQuery slideViewer plugin.

Each gallery generates a user-defined number of thumbnails wich can slide automatically (see Settings and Dependencies section); as with slideViewer, everthing is generated by writing just few lines of HTML such as an unordered list of images.


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Free Photos at Photogen
Photogen: the source for quality, high-res FREE stock photos and images

Still paying for your stock photos and images? Forget royalty-free – try totally-FREE! Registered users can download and use Photogen stock photos FREE, both for commercial and personal projects.

Check out the Photogen FREE stock photo gallery – it’s regularly updated with new quality, high-resolution free photos and images.

To download you’ll need to register first. Registered users can download multiple images in a ZIP file by using the handy lightbox function.

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Free photos at Stock.XCNG

Whether you just want to browse our huge image gallery or want to share your own photos with others, Stock.XCNG is the site for you!

Browse through the categories of our huge gallery containing over 350.000 quality stock photos by more than 30.000 photographers! Need a wallpaper for your desktop or illustration for your blog? Need a pic for your commercial website design? Looking for inspiration? Have a look around.

Share your photos with fellow designers! SXC is a friendly community of photography addicts who generously offer their works to those who need them free of charge. If you have some nice photos that you’d like to share with others, join us! Not only it feels great to share, you will also get a huge exposure for your work!

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